Modelity Unicost enables on-demand
Ex-Ante Costs & Charges reporting

The Challenge

MiFID II requires disclosure of costs to the client, before making a decision, whether it is to buy a financial product or sign for a service (e.g. advisory service, account opening).

The disclosure should also illustrate the cumulative effect of costs on an investment.

Combining both, service and product related costs, poses a variety of challenges, such as:

  • Simulation of the various service related costs based on the client attributes and the transaction parameters
  • Availability and integrity of the product related costs
  • Different technologies used by the systems in the various channels

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Our Solution

Data Collection – Retrieval of costs and related market data from a variety of sources

Instrument Coverage – Supporting any asset class, wrapper and instrument (e.g. funds, securities, structured products and derivatives)

Cost Simulation – model the product and service related costs and apply them on different scenarios

Report Generation –

  • On-the-fly Ex-Ante Costs & Charges report, reflecting the actual client and channel attributes as well as the transaction parameters
  • Multi-currency support for cross-territory
  • Multi-lingual and branded according to the institution’s design standards