Based on Java, Modelity/Structures is developed as a cross-platform solution, enabling it to run smoothly within most operating systems, wide range of internet browsers, database providers and application servers. Modelity/Structures is implemented in an N-Tier Architecture, Modelity’s products are composed of the following independent layers:

  • Each product’s presentation
  • Each product’s business logic
  • Modelity/Models-Engine
  • Financial Data Storage

The independence of the presentation layer enables an easy adaptation to the client’s needs and standards. This also includes the option to invoke each product’s functionality from within the client’s in-house developed applications.

Software‘s MODE

Modelity/Structures is available in two modes: Software as a Service (SaaS) or as an In-House Implementation.

Modelity will work with you to determine a road map for either mode tailored to your unique needs. The basic division of responsibilities that will be followed as a template within the modes is as follows: